Konlee Translation Co.,Ltd. is a professional service provider with a profound enterprise culture. We emphasize exploration and cultivation of talents and a best network of excellent cooperation. We persistently follow our business relief of “Customer first,reliable services and top-grade quality” in offering the best translation services possible for various industries. With a start-up of “No barriers for communication”,we are dedicated to offering top-quality and high-efficient services for customers. Our company has won the best appraisal,trust and support from customers,and thus established good relations with our customers.

From small law firms to large multinational institutions,KonLee Translations brings extensive experience to your organization. The following are some of the clients served by our team.

EPS(Beijing)Co.,Ltd. Nokia
Centek Data Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. Siemens
China National Electric Equipment Company Alcatel
Jiangling Motors Co.,Ltd. Group Midsoft
Galanz Enterprise Co.,Ltd. Ericsson
Schleifring Group Philips
China’s Environmental Protection Organizations SUNTV
China Academy of Building Research Hair Group
Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine Beijing Software Industry Productivity Center
China Academy of Safety Science & Technology Beijing Computer Fans Magazine
Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention China Intercontinental Communication Center
School of Architecture in Tsinghua University Beijing Erjian Construction & Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Program Manager Technology Deployment Office Toshiba (China) Co.,Ltd.
Beijing Aigan Optical Co.,Ltd. Beijing Sport University
Program Manager Technology Deployment Office Capital University of Medical Sciences
Toshiba (China) Co.,Ltd. Beijing Aigan Optical Co.,Ltd.
Chengwaicheng Furniture Mall China Electrical Equipment Industry Association
China Xinhua Airlines Co.,Ltd. HAKUTO Enterprises (Shanghai) Ltd.
NETLAND Science Technology Co.,Ltd. Goldman Sachs Securities Co.,Ltd.
China Overseas Engineering Group Co.,Ltd. China National Instruments Import Corporation
About KonLee Translation Company

KonLee Translation Services is one of the world's leading expert translation companies, known for producing the most reliable translations in the Global Translation and Communications Industry. By using an on-site staff as well as crowdsourcing translations, we deliver a valuable service to a wide range of monolingual and bilingual users, including professional translators, businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals.

The core and founding philosophy of KonLee Translation Services has always been to innovate and provide one-on-one personal customer communications, an often overlooked and neglected aspect of today's translation industry.

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Of course, if you have a translation related project, need a free quote or have any kind of query with regard to our language services, please feel free to contact us at or call us at +86-20-38897899.

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