Our service fees for translation and interpretation will depend on professional field,degree of profession and time limit for documents. We follow a principle of “favorable price promises top quality”. We shall not strive for any customer at the expense of translation quality. In our view,translation is a creative process in professional field,and thus we respect their hard working. Moreover,we shall focus on customer’s interests,so as to minimize customer’s costs.

Translation Price(Unit:RMB Yuan)
Word Account English Japanese,Korean,French,German,Russian Minority language Others
1,000 characters 100-150 150-200 180-220 220-280 400 450 550
1.1,000 characters (Not account space for Chinese documents)
2.As to documents of special professional fields and of minority language or any customer’s demand for translation,both parties shall negotiate and discuss the price .
Interpretation Price(Unit:RMB/Person/Day)
Type English Japanese,Korean,French,German Minority language Others
Common activity 600-1200 1000-1600 1200-2000 Above6000
Technical exchange 1000-1500 1500-2000 1800-2500
Business negotiation
Large international conference
2000-4000 3000-5000 4000-6000
1、Business hours for translation shall be eight hours/day/person.
2、As to overtime work,it shall be additionally charged by the hour. Going on business,customer shall undertake the relevant fees of transportation and accommodation for the interpreter.
3、Discuss the price for documents of special professional fields and minority language.
Simultaneous Interpretation (RMB)
Simultaneous Interpretation(Require to arrange two or at least two interpreter)
Translation among Chinese,Russian,French,German,Italian and Japanese
Translation among Chinese and other minority languages
Charging Method
per hour
per day
per hour
per day
per hour
per day
1、Customer shall make an appointment one week or two in advance.
2、It shall be charged at 20% of the original price for going on business. Customer shall undertake all the costs of transportation and accommodation for the interpreters.
3、Customer shall provide foreign imported infrared equipments for simultaneous interpretation and be responsible for relevant technical support.
About KonLee Translation Company

KonLee Translation Services is one of the world's leading expert translation companies, known for producing the most reliable translations in the Global Translation and Communications Industry. By using an on-site staff as well as crowdsourcing translations, we deliver a valuable service to a wide range of monolingual and bilingual users, including professional translators, businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals.

The core and founding philosophy of KonLee Translation Services has always been to innovate and provide one-on-one personal customer communications, an often overlooked and neglected aspect of today's translation industry.

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