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Game Industry Veterans Announce Release of The Game Localization Handbook

Raleigh,NC – May 10,2011 – Video game industry veterans Heather Chandler,founder and executive producer of Media Sunshine,Inc.,and Stephanie O’Malley Deming,president and co-founder of XLOC,today announced the release of The Game Localization Handbook,Second Edition. The book is now available for purchase via Jones & Bartlett Learning.

As games become increasingly popular in international markets,developers and publishers are looking for ways to effectively and efficiently localize their games in order to capitalize on these markets. Authored by two internationally known experts in game localization,The Game Localization Handbook,Second Edition provides best practices and direction on how to localize software for games,whether they are developed for the PC,console or other platforms. It includes advice,interviews and case studies from top industry professionals,as well as practical,actionable information on pre-production,production,translation and testing of localized SKUs.

“With the increase in demand for faster game production and ever-shrinking budgets,localizations are becoming a more integral part of the video game development process,” said Chandler. “We are thrilled to be able to offer best practices and guidance to help all developers and publishers make the process more cost effective and efficient,and capture revenues from a worldwide simultaneous launch – extending coveted marketing and publicity dollars.”

Written for producers,translators,development personnel,studio management,publishers,students and anyone involved directly or indirectly with the production of localized games,this single-reference handbook provides insightful guidelines for all the tasks involved in the planning and execution of successful localizations.

“Game localizations have traditionally been a final consideration in game production,but with the expansion of global markets,developers and publishers are realizing the importance of integrating localizations in the beginning stages of game development,” said Deming. “With localization management tools such as XLOC,the process is no longer an afterthought but becomes a central step in a successful game launch.”

Heather Maxwell Chandler is a veteran game producer with experience at Activision,EA and Ubisoft. She's also the founder of Media Sunshine,Inc.,a company that provides game production contract services to developers,publishers and vendors. She has contributed to the production of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel,Two Worlds,Ghost Recon 2,Civilization: Call to Power,Heavy Gear 2,and Apocalypse. Chandler is the author of The Game Production Handbook,Second Edition and Fundamentals of Game Development ,also part of the Foundations of Game Development series.

Stephanie O’Malley Deming is a software development producer,consultant and operations executive with more than 15 years of experience in worldwide,award-winning,educational and entertainment products for companies including Activision,EA,LucasArts,Capcom and 2K Games. She specializes in localizations and has successfully sim-shipped hundreds of language versions of high profile titles including the Guitar Hero? series,the Call of Duty ? series and League of Legends,among many others. Stephanie founded XLOC,a company that offers web-based applications for easy localization management,in 2000 and works as a production consultant for interactive game companies.

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