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Ms.Sara Nasar

Personal Information:

I am a motivated,hard working individual with excellent time management. Being born and raised in Sweden along with having lived in the UK for the past seven years means that I am fluent in both languages. Through my degrees and work experience I have also gained an excellent understanding of technical subjects such as chemistry,biology and psychology.

Translation Experience

· 13 000 words for Website about men’s wear (Eng-Swe)

  • 224 words for a technical manual regarding refrigerators. (Eng-Swe)
  • Five x 1 hour audio files; interviews regarding generic pharmaceuticals and smoking reduction and cessation (Swe-Eng)
2004-2007 BSc (Hons) Forensic Science,University of Kent at Canterbury UK
My final result is an Upper Second Class Honours.
The degree has given me a very good understanding of subjects such as chemistry and biology. It also included subjects such as law and physics. I was reading various books and passages about the above mentioned subjects which improved my understanding of the English language,including a more technical language then is normally encountered.
1999-2003 Psychology,Criminology,Sociology and Italian at Stockholm University,Sweden
The degrees included reading and understanding a number of various texts written in English and using these as a basis for essay writing and to prepare for exams.
1995-1998 Social Science Programme,Humanities,Sweden
Focus on languages including; English,German,Italian,Spanish and Greek. Also included; Math,Natural Science,History and Social Studies. Overall grade: Pass with distinction
Since the education was focused on languages it taught me the necessary skills required to translate the above mentioned languages to and from Swedish.
· Time Management:
The assignments I deal with on a daily basis require me to keep deadlines which can be as short as a few days,depending on the size of the case. I often work on urgent cases where the analysis,case notes as well as a witness statement need to be completed and reported within a couple of hours.
· Language:
My native language is Swedish although I have grown up with English as a second language and I am therefore fluent in both languages. I have experience of translation from my education,including languages such as English,German,Italian,Spanish and Greek. Since I have studied in England for four years and worked here for three years I have learned to understand and communicate the English language both written as well as orally,including a technical language.
· Computing:
I have experience of Microsoft Words,Windows,Excel,Internet and PowerPoint. In my work I have been trained on MFG,SAP and LIMS.
Work experience
05/2010 – Present: FSS London; Forensic Analyst
I am currently working as a drug analyst; this involves analysing illicit drugs for the purpose of identification,quantification and purity. The job also entails writing detailed examination notes which are required to be clear and to the point as these need to be understood my different people such as police officers and members of the court.
11/2009- Present: Coryton Technology Centre (Laboratory technician),Essex
The job involved working as a GC and HPLC analyst. This job has increased my technical knowledge and involved reading and understanding complicated technical texts.
02/2008-10/2009: Thermo Fisher Scientific (Agglutination technician),Dartford.
My work responsibilities included producing immunogens and performing antigen purification. This experience has given me an extended knowledge in the field of biology. There was also a focus on the completion of examination notes and making sure they were accurate.
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