Personal Information:


Freelance Translator

English to Sinhalese

Address 52 D,Alapalawala,Handessa,Sri Lanka.

Pattalk ID- champa_1

NAATI Number-61839

Years of experience- 05

Personal Information

Date of Birth 10-09-1969
Place of Birth Kurunegala
Citizenship Sri Lankan
Gender Female

Status married one child

Duties As a Translator:

· Studying original texts to understand the subject matter and translating them from English to Sinhalese,to convey their original meanings.

· Referring to dictionaries,glossaries and other reference sources to ascertain accurate meanings of terms to be translated

· Translating all types of educational documents.

· Accurately delivering the phraseology and terminology of legal,technical and scientific texts.

Experience as a translator

I have been working with somany international translations companies in world wide.At present I’m working in a bible translation with Family Radio in USA.Not only that did the voice for the bible translation to be broadcast on the family radio web site.Almost every week I get a job from Indian companies.Recently I worked for a USA company to translate a Buster Manual.


Livestock / Animal Husbandry

Food & Dairy


Cooking / Culinary

Environment & Ecology

Finance (general)

Medical: Health Care

Science (general)

Computers (general)

Ethics Sociology

Drama and poetry Astrology

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